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Tasty News 14/07/13 Empty Tasty News 14/07/13

So I thought I'd do an example of the BLOG type thing I mentioned in my poll about news stories so people get a decent idea of what I mean, plus I have the time o spare so hey ho, anyways here goes.

The first laugh of the week I got by reading about poor little beauty queen Lurelle Bancroft who seemed shoked and surprised that being a spoiled little brat at school get her banned from her prom, apparently after missing classes, swearing at teachers and actively missing attentions, the letters months before were not enough warning that she wasn't going, and her beauty queen nomination is valid excuse. Hands up all those who pity er crying at the gates? I thought not...

The second featuring story on the same page of the paper, because god knows the daily mail needed something to appall us, was about how people who donate organs should be put on priority as for people who get organs. Now I'm all for a bit of 'you get what you give' treatment but I hardly feel the "I'll give you my liver after I die if I can get a kidney a tad earlier" approach is the way to go. I guess at least privatisation would at least see the profit side. So we let this guy die and get nothing, because we made the organs we get after that guy dies last a bit longer? Ohwell, I guess my cynicism and sarcasm might hit that a bit hard

Facebook and social media have also been in the news pretty nicely, with a mix of articles, one ranting over how parents are letting their kids and even convincing them into websites like twitter and facebook even though they don't meet the age requirement of 13, god the drama of it! Their point is when the reach 13, if they joined at 8 they would now be getting adverts for gambling and drinking because facebook thinks they are 18. Or they could just change their age on it.... Make a new account.... man the fuck up and drink at 13, I did, never did me any harm, well *much harm maybe ;p
The other being that the most intelligent of what I feel/hope to be the generation after mine has decided on holiday to use abroad mobile internet to update her facebook with a billion pictures of her holiday. It's alright,daddy pays the phone bill, that'll be £3800 please sir, yeah, that's not a typo. The kid genius decided £3800 worth of phone charges was worth gossiping with her mates bragging about the beach that she was clearly on facebook too much to enjoy. Funniest part is the mother blames the phone company more than her moron daughter, apparently the amass of messages saying "this is over your contract bill are you sure?" wasn't obvious enough for her little mind

After escaping 24 pages of the Sun going on about the physical health of our politicians and our Royal family, I finally stumble across some more entertainment, the man himself Ed Snowden. The seemingly spy come prankster pretended to be on another plane, this time the jumpy US government decided to less than tactfully raid up on the flight of a certain Bolivian president, whoopsy, needless to say the Latin Americans were less than impressed with their supposedly more advanced counterparts, turns out he is still in russia, not allowed to fly out unless all of Europe including a few of the affected countries REALLY want him to say how "untested, untrustworthy IT guys" got hold of CIA information. 'merica

Mind you if you think that one is a joker wait til you here what America's finest informer of events had to report after a korean jet landed horrifically in San Fransisco. So the media arrived quite quickly, as they do, and they get told some names of the people invovled running the plane, these names go through the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) and get confirmed before the San Fransisco radio station KTVU announce the names to the public, onyl afterwards suspicions are raised. These obviously difficult to question the legitimacy names are as follows: Captain Sum Ting Wong, helped out by other pilots Bang Ding Ow, Ho Lee Fuk, and my personal favourite Wi Tu Lo, who seemed to see the crisis coming.

Anywhos those are the stories that have caught my attention this weekend, hope you enjoyed reading them, and you can ask for one to be featured in a video, or all of them but it'll be pretty much identical to what you just read, however note that if you do want that, I won't post up previously, remember to go and vote in the thread here as to how I carry on.

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