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LoL: Aatrox

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LoL: Aatrox Empty LoL: Aatrox

Post by YourTasteInWomen May 12th 2013, 2:45 pm

LoL: Aatrox 472664_10152825628970556_1042228724_o

So here he is, the next champ to be released as I'm sure you have all seen, NOT the gun templar that was leaked, but this guy who came out of nowhere, I think the explorer ezreal logs came out about 2 days before the S@20 post about his official release. But hey ho, let's get straight into what this guy does.

LoL: Aatrox BloodWellBlood Well (Passive)
Aatrox stores a portion of his abilities’ health cost in the Blood Well, which slowly drains to a base amount while he is out of combat. When Aatrox loses all of his health, he draws on the Blood Well and recovers the amount of health stored.

So this is another I cheat death because my abilities cost HP thing going on here, now I'm not sure whether he gets some kind of stasis when this activates, or if it has a cooldown, but it currently sounds like you'll get him low as fuck and then when he's meant to die he'll just heal for this much and carry on like nothing happened but then you just keep going to kill him and there you go, seems we don't know any numbers for this it's hard to tell how strong it'll be, but it looks like it has the potential to be a decent, balanced passive

LoL: Aatrox DarkFlightDark Flight
Aatrox rises into the air and slams into a target location. Enemies within the impact zone are knocked up and take damage, while nearby enemies take damage.

So this looks to be the big cc move he gets, and I doubt we're going to be seeing zac range here ;p, looks pretty average as an initiate in lane, the cc will be nice and the aoe will help out in teamfights. I'm basically imagining a J4 eq here to say what I think about it, but without the armour shred and AS buffs of course

LoL: Aatrox BladesofTormentBlood Thirst
Aatrox heals himself on every third attack. Activating Blood Thirst toggles Blood Price.
Blood Price: Every third attack now deals bonus damage instead of healing Aatrox. Aatrox loses health based on the bonus damage dealt.

So this looks like when toggled off, it's the xin zhao w, which is nice, I doubt it's going to give an amount of hp that is stupid considering his other ability costs, it looks like one of those classic, toggle off to farm toggle on to fight abilities, we could possibly see a reset period to stop some odd combos coming out where people try to throw you off as to whether he heals or does more in a fight as I imagine he looks slightly different with it on to off but idk, looks like this is gonna be the ability to max second anyway

LoL: Aatrox BloodThirstBlades of Torment
Aatrox fires a line attack that damages and slows enemies caught in its path. Aatrox is refunded a part of the health cost if Blades of Torment strikes an enemy champion.

So this looks to be what you max first, your lane harass, your ranged poke, and it comes with a heal if you hit it, looks nice, I imagine you'll open with this, toggling on your w then q on top of them and proceed to kick the shit out of them, then run away and heal up with your w off. I expect to see a cd simlar to the kayle q, but I highly doubt we'll see those kinds of ratios

LoL: Aatrox MassacreMassacre
Upon activation, Aatrox instantly damages enemies in an area around him. For the duration of Massacre, Aatrox gains bonus attack speed and range. Massacre has no health cost.

So this is the ult, it's a massive buff basically, obviously you throw this on after you have e'd the team fight and q'd into the middle of them, you put your w on and start destroying people with more attack speed to keep your w procs up and more range to be a bit safer, with no cost I would say you can also use this in lane when you're low to heal up off your w from a safer range. I wouldn't expect a huge range increase, again I'll liken to kayle, but you never know, it may be more like riven

So yeah, that's Aatrox, he looks pretty decent, and he also looks beatable, which is nice. Depending on his ratios I would say you'll be looking at a tankier aspect of a kayle build on him, although if he's AD, you'll build classic bruiser but in either case you'll want life steal/spell vamp of course because his shit costs health

Also on a side note, do people prefer it like this with all the images in here? Or would you rather I just link you to the S@20 source and then you come back and read what I have to say?

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LoL: Aatrox Empty Re: LoL: Aatrox

Post by Killa May 12th 2013, 2:51 pm

Maxi already put a thread on him, so I'll just say what I said again.

I don't know if it's just me, or zac/vlad hybrid.

His skin looks fucking awesome, so I'll be buying him regardless of how useless he would be. Although he does look promising and really fun to play.

Can't wait to buy him

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LoL: Aatrox Empty Re: LoL: Aatrox

Post by SaintJusticar May 12th 2013, 5:52 pm

He is going to be an insta buy for me. Looks pretty decent when you connect it to his lore and the explorer post on the LoL website.

For is ultimate I think it will be more of the lines of Riven and Nasus range, but he may have a 175 range like fizz and xin due to the size of the sword.


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LoL: Aatrox Empty Re: LoL: Aatrox

Post by vincelicious August 14th 2013, 7:03 pm

He's doenst really have potential for good ranked play I think.

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LoL: Aatrox Empty Re: LoL: Aatrox

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