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New LoL player help thread

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New LoL player help thread Empty New LoL player help thread

Post by YourTasteInWomen May 3rd 2013, 1:17 pm

So it came to my attention that if people are gonna start playing this, which is possible that they could probably do with some help from us more seasoned players, or possibly even from some moderate level players looking for a bit of help about simpler things from the more experienced ones also.

ANYWAYS, I recommend this video:

for anyoen that ahs pretty mcuh just downloaded the game, apparently she says some stuff that you won't undertsand if youhave literally just downloaded it, so feel free to ask about that, otherwise this may as well be a Q%A thread, that I'll possibly update the OP with other video content that people find particularly helpful.

Once you know what you are doing a bit as far as simple game mechanics go I would also recommend these links to things to help you with specific champions:

http://www.championselect.net/ This site you can put a champ into the top right, it gives you links to a few guides, tells you what they work with, what beats them and what they beat, pretty handy.

http://www.surrenderat20.net/p/great-atlas.html Not a full site, but very good if you want some quick at a galnce info about a champion and have a rough idea what you're doing and are confident enough to kind of do your own thing once you have a summary

http://www.mobafire.com/league-of-legends/browse The most popular and strongest websote if you are lookign for someone to pretty much tell you how ot play a champion so you don't play like an idiot for a little while. I don't use it anymore because I can make my own judgement, but I used it for pretty much every champion I played unless they were released after I had about 700 normal wins

SO already been told that I should explain CC and gank

CC is Crowd Control: abilities that stun, knock up, slow and otherwise hinder the enemies movement or ability to do things they normally should

Gank, a gank is where someone other than your lane opponent enters your lane with mean to either kill you, or force you tto base or other wise harass you away from farming and having your lane presence, it is usually done by the jungler
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