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LoL: Freljord Splashes

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LoL: Freljord Splashes Empty LoL: Freljord Splashes

Post by YourTasteInWomen April 19th 2013, 7:32 am

So even more shit has been released about the freljord update which is the splasehes for several relevant champions, and those for the new skins: http://www.surrenderat20.net/2013/04/418-pbe-update-2.html#more

They look pretty badass, although I wish they looked that good in game xD

Also there a few other things that seemed to have been released a while ago but not yet live that I haven't mentioned previously so I'll put them in this post as they aren't overly big either.

The first is items with charges will appear in the item window
LoL: Freljord Splashes 231
Long overdue but obviously nothing big, this counts for antying consumable such as the sightstone seen their and also for stacking items such as mejai's and sword of the occult, it's very unlikely it will tell you your BT stacks though

The second is the "Three sisters quest" seen about half way down here: http://www.surrenderat20.net/2013/04/415-pbe-update-2.html after the tutorial that nobody cares about at all and before some of the balance stuff which I won't talk about until the actual patch notes as some of it has been done already xD
So this subquesty thingymabob looks alright, that particular article makes it look rather rewardless, which is possibly good. The only other subquest so far is obviously "On the hunt" ft rengar and Kha'zix which provides Kha with a 4 evolution point and rengar with a fully stacked necklace that never loses stacks if they are the first to kill the other after both being level 16 and rengar owning a necklace. The reward was hardly a massive gamechanging bonus, but it made a small difference.
Anywhos it looks like the 3 sisters quest has a similar task, kill the other one first, presumably after a certain period of time rather than just storming into sej's wraiths at level 1, waiting for her and then volley crit and ignite just for lols with ashe seems that'll likely kill her straight up. However no mentioning of any form of reward has been given except the small possibility that the three symbols could be unlockable as summoner icons, although that's simply me guessing, it does say that they are "buff icons" though, so maybe you just get a 10G bonus for killing them, who fucking knows.

ANYWAY, thoughts?
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