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Battlefield 3: Tips and Tricks: Part 2 (JETS)

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 Battlefield 3: Tips and Tricks: Part 2 (JETS) Empty Battlefield 3: Tips and Tricks: Part 2 (JETS)

So, hopefully by now you've read the first part of my Battlefield 3 tips and tricks and have a better idea of the kits available and the set ups you can use.

So now, it's time for a few tips on the vehicles in BF3 and the strategies/set ups I prefer to use. This is possibly my favourite element of BF3 as it's something different to most other first person shooters. When I'm playing, you'll usually find me in some sort of vehicle.

For this first part, I'll be covering the Jets available in the BF3 multiplayer.

Here we go...


Offensive tactics: First of all, in my mind, if you're an 'experienced pilot' and you're running Heat Seeking Missiles on your jets, you're doing it wrong. Since pretty much everyone runs some form of counter measures against weapons that can lock onto their jets, this renders them pretty much pointless. The only time I would recommend running Heat Seekers is when you're flying with a wing man that you can communicate with. This way you can lock onto a jet and use your missiles to get the enemy to burn their counter measures whilst your wing man swoops in, locks on and takes the jet out. However, this tactic relies on great team work, the ability for the second pilot to lock on quickly before the enemy counter measures replenish and can often leave one of you vulnerable to attack from other enemy attacks, due to you concentrating on just the one jet. They're okay whilst you build yourself toward unlocking other weapons for your jet and getting the odd kill but, that's about it.

Here's what I'd suggest: When in a dog fight, use your Jet's guns. These not only mean you don't needlessly waste time trying to get a lock on the enemy jet but also can teach you how to fly you plane more efficiently, as this often requires firing in front of the enemy plane and predicting their movements. This tactic also frees up your secondary weapon slot. Which can now be used to be more efficient at attack ground targets. Many people believe that Jets aren't really a big help when it comes to ground targets, I disagree. You can use either A) Guided Missiles to take out enemy vehicles, such as Tanks, Jeeps, LAV's. B) Rocket pods to strafe any enemy strong hold, blowing holes in buildings or helping destroy vehicles on the ground. Couple these with the ability to use your main guns to help strafe the enemy and you can turn yourself into a real pest and another element of danger for the enemy team. Also, whilst making your strafing runs, you can hit your spotter button to spot and enemies on the ground for your team, that you can't take out yourself.

Defensive Tactics: When you're in a jet, you're going to want to run some sort of countermeasure to weapons that can lock onto you. Here you have two choices. A) Infrared Flares. These are flares that you can deploy whenever you have a projectile on course and about to hit you. The proper way to use these is not to hit them right away when you hear a lock tone but wait until the tone beeps become quick, then a constant tone and then a different beeping will be heard when the enemy has fired their missile at you. As soon as you hear this second beeping tone, then you deploy your flares. B) ECM Jammer. (Or Electronic Counter Measure) When deployed the ECM hides you from enemy radar and prevents enemies from acquiring weapon lock. If you hit it right when you hear the first hint of a lock tone, it'll break that lock and then the enemies won't be able to lock onto you for five seconds, buying you time to get make your getaway. Out of the two, I would suggest running Infrared Flares. Although, these will not break the lock of any laser guided missiles, it's very rare that you'll get locked onto by one of these. Also, on Jets, I find the ECM Jammer to be a little glitchy. This is mainly because the ECM cloud is emitted from the rear of the plane in a linear fashion. So, laser guided missile can still hit the front, underneath or top of the aircraft.

Evading lock-on's: There's a few ways to do this. Firstly, you have to identify what exactly is locking on to you. This can be done using a few techniques...
If you're getting locked onto only when you're flying over the main battle area and the 'LOCK' warning is flashing up on your Heads Up Display (HUD) inside your cockpit, in white/yellow. Then you're probably getting locked on by an enemy with a IGLA/STINGER. To evade these, you have two choice. One, hit your afterburners (L3) gain altitude and head away from the area asap, until the lock tone discontinues, then you can return to go about your business. These weapons have an effective range so, if you can get away quickly, you'll soon be out of range of them. Alternatively, when this is happening you can head for the nearest cover to fly behind, usually a mountain or elevated structure. This'll stop the enemy from being able to lock on to you. You alternatively, try and fly close to the environment. Occasionally, you can cause the chasing missiles you hit the floor/mountians/buildings by doing this. Although, I would only suggest using this tactic in times of desperation, when you're found without countermeasures, etc.
However, if the tone is more constant no matter where you are on the map and the 'LOCK' warning on your HUD is white/yellow, you need to check your tail. Chances are there's an enemy Jet there or, a helicopter near by, trying to take you down. There's a couple of things you can do in there situations. One, if it's a helicopter, you can simply fly out of range and deploy countermeasures if needed. If it's a Jet, you can A) Hit the after burners, fly as low to the ground as possible (Or you dare) weaving in and out of objects (i.e. mountains, buildings, etc) and hope the enemy pilot makes a mistake and either crashes or loses you in the environment. B) Perform a series of erratic but controlled, roles, loops and turns. Until you gain an advantage over the enemy or a chance to make your escape. Keep an eye on altitude and your environment whilst doing this to avoid flying into things. Again, deploy countermeasures if necessary.
Lastly, if you're hearing a lock tone but there's a lock on warning flashing up red on you HUD, this is an indication that you're getting locked onto by a SOFLAM. This is a laser painter and although not deadly on it's own, it definitely shouldn't be ignored. Especially if you're running flares on your Jet as they will not counter laser guided missiles fired from a Javelin. The ways of evading these are similar to evading Stinger/IGLA locks. If there's a lot of SOFLAM usage on the enemy team, this maybe the only time I'd suggest running an ECM jammer on you jet.

My Preferred Set Up: Air Radar. Flares. Guided missiles (to take out tanks) Although, I do sometimes play around with Rocket Pods too.

General Tips: If you can, always run with a wing man that you can communicate with. This'll allow you to call out the positions of enemy Aircraft and over dangers you otherwise might not be aware of. It also lessens the chance of you being caught off guard. Plus, it's always nice to have someone to cover your back.

Don't forget, when you're in the cockpit view of your jet you can hold 'Down' on the directional pad of your controller. This allows you to look around your cockpit and outside, to the sides and above you. This is very useful when trying to spot targets from altitude or trying to follow targets in the air.


Feel free to mess around with your setups until you find one that suits you. These are just my preferred setups and tactics you can use a guidelines when jumping into a jet.

That's my tips for the jets pretty much done with. So, go and have some fun with them now that you have a little more knowledge of jets available to you.

I'll see you in the air.

Coming up in PART 3: Helicopters.

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Post July 18th 2012, 3:46 pm by DreamSwE

Don't forget pressing R3, that will put you in overview mode and make it easier to both spot enemy aircraft and it's a lot easier to steer whilst trying to escape an enemy Smile

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Post July 18th 2012, 6:03 pm by Jordo

Another tip im not sure if many people know about, but if your at high speed in a jet chasing a guy, and suddenly he turns quick and is about to evade you, if you press L2 as you bank left it will make your turn with the jet alot quicker and sharper.

Good Stuff Nay Very Happy

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