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Battlefield 3: Tips and Tricks. Part One

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Battlefield 3: Tips and Tricks. Part One Empty Battlefield 3: Tips and Tricks. Part One

I've noticed recently, a lot of clan members have been picking up copies of BF3. As far as I'm aware, I'm the highest rank on BF3 in the clan. (Rank 55) (However, I'm far from the best player.) So, I thought I'd start this thread to help all the BF3 newbies out.

This was going to be a reply to Rocker's thread but, then I noticed it was going to be a little too long winded for a reply on a thread.

Before I start, I'd just like to say I'm not a premium member on BF3 so, all of the following tips will be available to everyone (Obviously some things will be unlocked at later stages though)

So, here it goes...

Feel free to add your tips for people in the comments below!

Kit Tips:

Every kit in BF3 has at least two roles it can play. This depends entirely on what role you're looking to play. It's important to keep this in mind when you're choosing your load out. Also, you have to take into consideration what type of map you're playing on. Is it big and open like Operation Firestorm or is it close quarters like Operation Metro.

Assault class:
With this class, you can play as the typical foot soldier running around getting kills, using the medic kits to heal yourself, prolonging the time you can hamper the enemy OR you could play more of a medic role. Sticking close to team mates, handing out medic kits for them to heal from and reviving them with your defibrillator. Keeping the team alive and helping them push on.

When using this kit, I prefer to play more of the medic role.

My preferred set ups...

Early on:

  • Primary:
M416 (Unlocked at 22000 Assault score) w/Some sort of sight (usually Reflex (RDS)) I find the sights on this rifle to be quite obstructive. Foregrip and Suppressor/Flash Suppressor. This is my 'Jack of All Trades' setup. Suitable for general purpose role

  • Secondary:

  • Gadget 1:
Medic Kit

  • Gadget 2:

  • Specialisation:

Later on:

  • Primary:
AEK-971 (Unlocked at 60,000 assault score) w/Reflex (RDS) Foregrip and Suppressor/Flash Suppressor.

  • Secondary:
G18 Suppressed (Unlocked at level 41)

  • Gadget 1:
Medic Kit/M320 Smoke. The M320 smoke is great for when you're capping an objective or trying to move through a pop

  • Gadget 2:

  • Specialisation:

Engineer Class:

With this class you who a choice of few few roles you want to play. 1) Anti-air or 2) Anti-vehicle. This is the class I use most as it's the one that's the greatest help when in vehicles, as I usually am.

Preferred setups:
Early on:

  • Primary:
M4A1 (default weapon) w/same previous attachments.

  • Secondary:
M9 (Default)

  • Gadget 1:
SMAW/RPG (Default) (For anti-tank/Anti-Personnel role) Igla/Stinger (Unlocked at 3000 Engineer Score) (for anti-air role)

  • Gadget 2:
Repair tool (General Purpose or when using vehicles) M15 AT Mine (for anti-vehicle role)

  • Specialisation:

Later on:

  • Primary:
Later on I'd say you can go for pretty much any assault rifle in the class. Literally any can work.

  • Secondary:
G18 Surpressed.

  • Gadget 1:
The only other thing you're going to unlock here if the Javelin. This is great when playing in an anti-vehicle role. You can lock on to Tanks, jeeps, etc. However, you will need a laser painter of some description to lock on to air vehicles.

  • Gadget 2:
Again, the only other thing you're going to unlock here is the EOD Bot. Which I don't really see the point in. You're much better off sticking with the previous suggestions. Although, it can be funny watching the enemy team try and shoot your Wall-e as he goes about his business. You can can get a cheeky kill with or repair friendly/destroy enemy vehicle with it but, that's what the repair tool and RPG's/Stingers are for.

Support Class:

With this load-out you can choose whether you want to sit back with a large LMG supporting your team by picking off the enemy from long distances or be among the action with your team providing ammo or anti vehicle/personnel protection. This is what I consider to be the 'all round class' of the four available. It has some elements of them all but, the others are obviously better at their specialised role. It really is efficiently named as it is the supportive class of them all. For this I'm just going to give a general run down of your options.

If you want sit back: I'd suggest a heavy LMG. (M60, M2408, PKP Pecheneg) With your second gadget being either: a claymore protecting your back whilst you post up somewhere picking off the enemy or you could choose the mortars to put some ordinance down range; maybe on top of a enemy stronghold or to destroy a vehicle that's holding your team back.

Taking a more active role: Anyone Primary at your disposal can work, literally any. It's completely up to you. Although, in general I'd suggest the M21 IAR, It feels like an LMG that plays like an assault rifle. Much like the Stoner in CoD black-ops. You'll probably want to use C4 in your secondary gadget slot. This can be used to clear out infantry or get rid of pesky tanks.
For shotguns, I'd suggest either the DAO-12 or the M1014
With a large LMG in this role, don't be afraid to keep your trigger finger down and spray bullets, to turn yourself into an absolute fucking wall of death!! For shotguns, I'd suggest either the DAO-12 or the M1014

  • Secondary:
Doesn't really matter which side arm you choose as you'll very rarely need it with a heavy LMG. Although, use either of the two I've previously suggested if you're playing a more close quarters role with a weapon with less of an ammo capacity.

  • Gadget 1: (There's only one)
Ammo Box

  • Gadget 2:
Previously explained

  • Specialization:
Whatever you want.

Recon Class:

With this is mainly known a the sniper class. Although, you can use it's gadgets when playing in a foot soldier role. I have to admit, this is my least used/favourite class. So, my knowledge of it's role isn't very good but, I will try and give you general setups for you to use.

Primary: If playing a sniper role: Choose any sniper rifle of your favour. Whether you want a semiauto or a bolt action rifle is completely personal choice. Note: when using a bolt action rifle, you can choose a straight pull bolt as one of your attachments to stop the need to come out of your scope whilst you chamber another round. Alternatively, you can choose a bipod in it's place. This will give you a steadier idle sway but does mean you have to come out of your scope and go through an animation whilst your character chambers the next round. You can also choose different scopes with different multiples of zoom depending on your position from the enemy. Also, whilst taking up a sniper role, you must take into account BF3's bullet drop feature. This will mean when you're far away from a target, you may have to aim several feet above them in order to register a hit.

When playing in a close up role: You can chose any available shotgun/SMG/assault rifle of your choosing, to help you fill the role.

Secondary: Here, the M9 should see you through the early levels. Later on you have a choice: the G18 is a good fit with it's automatic fire. Although, the .44 Magnum can be fun to use even the scoped version works well.

  • Gadget 1:
You have three possible choices here depending on what you want to do with them. 1) T-UGS- BF3's motion sensor. This little thing can be placed down when you're held up in a position to alert you of enemy infantry and vehicles in your vicinity. It'll make a beep when someone's close to you. Beware though, it can be fooled by slow moving enemies. 2) MAV. This is a Micro Air Vehicle controlled remotely by the user to fly around the map, spotting enemies. It has a default thermal imaging camera. Onboard motion sensor and Equipment Jammer. It can be 'spotted' by the enemy and can even achieve a cheeky roadkill by flying it into an enemy. 3) Soflam. This can be used to laser paint enemy vehicles for your teammates to take out with Javelin Missiles.

  • Gadget 2:
You only have one choice: Radio Beacon. BF3's version of the tactical insertion. Useful when deployed in a sniper role in hard to get places e.g. a roof, mountain or crane. This piece of equipment also allows all the members of your squad to spawn on it's position to give you some back-up. Alternatively, it can be deployed in a hidden spot on the map to ensure swift spawn close to objectives.

  • Specialisation:
I'd recommend ammo.

That's it for the classes. Now for a few general gameplay tips:

Although, Battlefield is known for it's slower gameplay than Call of Duty, this doesn't mean you don't have to be just as alert whilst playing it. You need your ears to help to position enemy air vehicles. Tanks that are around you and most importantly, enemy infantry on the move. Yes, you can sound whore (To a degree) in BF3. A sprinting enemy can be easily heard. You'll also so need to be listening out for your teammates character shouts. Players are able to request ammo, healing, to be picked up by vehicles. Also, that can alert to near by danger from there shouts when they're getting shot/dying.

Be sure you pay attention to your enemies position in your 'death cam' Since it shows you the person that killed you, it shows you their position too. This is vital, since 'camping' isn't frowned upon in battlefield, do not be surprised when you go back to a place where you died to find the same enemy still posted up there waiting for you.

SPAM THAT SPOTTER BUTTON!!! This is possibly one of the key features in Battlefield. If you see an enemy, you can spot them for your whole team to see. This can be done by passing your line of sight over the enemy and pressing the SELECT button on your controller. You can do this on infantry, vehicles and equipment. It's a massive help to your team as it alerts them to danger that they might not see. More important though, it can alert you to enemy positions that you otherwise may not have seen. So, spam it. It'll make a little beeping noise if you press it too much without an enemy in sight but, don't worry that's a good thing. At least then you know where you're looking at is safe for you to go into. So, even if it's making the beeping sound keep pressing it as it may show up something you don't see and save your life. Alternatively, if you see the danger too late, it can so the enemy up to your team so they can go out and kill that enemy. This is also a good reason to hit the button in situation where you know you're going to die. If you run into multiple enemies and spot them, at least then it stop your team from making the same mistake (Hopefully)

I think that's about it for this part...Hope this is some use to the new players to the game and I'll look forward to seeing you on the Battlefield!


Coming up in part two: Vehicle Tips.

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Battlefield 3: Tips and Tricks. Part One :: Comments


Post July 13th 2012, 8:04 pm by DreamSwE

I'd like to throw in a quick tip on a class setup (That you Cod players will like..) Btw, awesome work on those tips, you've must have put a lot of time and dedication on those, keep em up Smile


MP7 (Need to be unlocked in Co-op) With either Reflex, Kobra or Holographic sight - Laser sight (For improved hipfire accuracy) - Extended mags | This will make you a TDM beast with descent damage, low recoil and amazing hipfire in CQB, and with ext mags you'll have 42shots in your mag and fast reload. I dare you to try this Wink


Preferably - .44 Scoped (Or G18)

Gadget 1:

Medic Kit

Gadget 2:



(Squad) COVR

This set-up (Excluding the Medic kit and Defibrillators) can be used within any of the 4kits but i would recommend it within Assault or Recon cause of reviving and staying alive longer with the Assault while in the recon kit you can use a motion sensor (T-UGS) which will reveal the enemies on your minimap, comes in handy in TDM also. Hope you'll have some fun with this setup :3

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Post July 13th 2012, 8:07 pm by Nay

It took me so long to type out! lol!

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Post July 13th 2012, 8:23 pm by Rocker

Wow thanks Nay, that's a very detailed guide Smile. I'll have to get on later and try out some of this, although I'm only level seven or something, so I think I have to wait quite a while to get to use some of this. Is doing co-op missions worth it for getting the weapons? I've noticed that I've been getting destroyed by higher levels that have better guns, it makes me feel like I'm at a complete disadvantage.

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Post July 13th 2012, 8:25 pm by DreamSwE

I hated the game at early stage, the higher levels have a complete advantage over you. That's something positive with the prestige system in cod Smile

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Post July 14th 2012, 12:41 am by Nay

Rocker wrote:Wow thanks Nay, that's a very detailed guide Smile. I'll have to get on later and try out some of this, although I'm only level seven or something, so I think I have to wait quite a while to get to use some of this. Is doing co-op missions worth it for getting the weapons? I've noticed that I've been getting destroyed by higher levels that have better guns, it makes me feel like I'm at a complete disadvantage.

No worries mate. Just trying to help people out. Smile Can't say I've played the co-op missions myself, yet. However, I seem to get by with what I've got so I'm not too fussed about the extra weapons. As for getting destroyed by players of a higher level. That could be down to getting used to the play style. Making sure you have your kit set out properly for the role you're playing or just inexperience. Don't forget many of the players you're going to come across online will have literally hundreds more hours played than you. The way I leveled my kits up was by scrolling through the kits finding something that I wanted to unlock and then sticking with that kit until I had it. In my eyes, there's no point spending time leveling up a kit that you're hardly going to use when you could be using your time to level up to something that you want.

P.S. I probably should have proof read the thread first. Quite a few mistakes in there. It took me like two hours though, I was actually tired afterwards. lol

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