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Oh what a crazy day I've had...

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Oh what a crazy day I've had... Empty Oh what a crazy day I've had...

Let me just run you through the maddest day I've had in a while. My mate phoned me and asked did I want to do something since it was bank holiday and there was nothing to do. So, we jumped in the car at 3PM and took off down the motorway with no destination in mind. We just thought we'd get out and go. After driving down towards Wales for a bit we decided there was better places to go and started heading towards Manchester. We soon found ourselves near the likes of Alderly edge. So, decided we'd try and find Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics to see their satellite (It's fooking HUGE!)

After achieving this, we set off on the motorway again and end up driving past Stoke City's ground the Britannia and we decide to stop there. This lead us to come up with the idea to try and visit every premier league football ground In the northwest.

So, off to the Etihad, Old Trafford and the Reebok stadium we went. Whilst in Bolton, we decided to try and find the Winter Hill TV Mast (That's fooking huge too) We got there in the end. However, on the way back down from achieving our goal we set of to search out Blackburn's ground. However, on the way down the pike, the brakes go on the car and finally completely lock the front wheels.

We finally come to a holt on the corner of some dodgy estate in Bolton. Bare in mind, there's 4 Scousers in a black Volvo and in case you don't know, that's not the brightest situation to find yourself in. So we then, had to wait an hour for the AA to come, only to find out it couldn't be fixed at the roadside and had to wait (Still sat on the corner of this random estate, stuck in bandit country) for another man to come out with a low-loader to get the car on the back. This took another hour and a half.

When he eventually turned up, it was finally all straight forward from there and I'm finally home now, ten hours after leaving the house for a nice day out.

It was certainly eventful but not in the way we'd planned it to be.

So, how's your day been? hahaha

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Oh what a crazy day I've had... 35461810

[02:27:27] @ Nay : Well, that shift sucked the D
[02:33:36] Monica : Hohoho
[02:33:45] Monica : Told you I could take the shift for you
[02:34:04] Monica : Cus I would love to suck some Ds
[02:34:08] Monica : Jk Jk Jk!
[02:34:31] @ Nay : Ahahahahaha

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Oh what a crazy day I've had... :: Comments


Post January 3rd 2012, 1:52 am by exposed

I went to the pub with some mates to watch the darts. kinda uneventfu

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Post January 3rd 2012, 1:57 am by Nay

I wanted to be home in time to watch some of that -___-

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Post January 3rd 2012, 1:59 am by exposed

i didnt watch much of it, we ended up just drinking nd talking

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Post January 3rd 2012, 2:22 am by Guest

Half of that whole story went over my head.

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Post January 3rd 2012, 2:24 am by Nay

Haha Yeah, I guess unless you're from this side of the pond, most of the places won't be familiar to you.

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Post January 3rd 2012, 4:27 am by Galarneau9

I wish i lived in Liverpool/England Sad

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Post January 3rd 2012, 7:06 am by JustThatDino

lol every stadium; thats impressive played son.

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