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That was a close call!!

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That was a close call!!

I've just woken up into what seemed like the most horrible dream. I woke up, walked down stairs, looked for MW3 and it wasn't here. Meh, I guess the postman hadn't been yet but, no no no my friends. It's much worse than that. My mum saw I was looking for something, asked what it was, I told her and only then does she say, 'Did you order it?' So, I went yeah you know I did. She goes 'No, I know you did the first time' 'Huh first time?' (What's she getting at?) 'Yeah, you know I had to cancel the order cause you card was showing on my credit history' asdfghjkl Fucking what now? At this point I didn't know whether to punch her, myself or the wall. Despite me knowing full well she hadn't told me. I mean, I would of remembered. After all, someone cancelling tour MW3 order is more devastating news than, the death of Michael Jackson, a Tsunami or dare I say it? Bernard Matthew's putting a stop to Turkey Twizzlers?! Oh yeah, I think so. Anyway, I digress. I chose none of those options and decided to take it like a man, said I didn't remember her telling me and I'd forgot to do it, wished her a good day at work and calmly walked out the door. Where, I proceeded to run up the stairs on all fours like a dog/toddler as quick as I could to get on the internet and get finding it. After 20-25 minutes, 30000 Google searches and a lot of nausea, I think I found the only place in the UK to have MW3:Hardened Edition still in stock and for sale. (For cheaper than I originally got it too!) Oh thank you Jebus, thank you Jewish God, thank you Allah, thank you Tom Cruise, for!! The moment I saw that 'low stock' message on that page, I had a very big nerdgasm and possibly an actual orgasm.
So, all in all panic over. For now. I still feel a little ill though. Although, I'm not sure if that's from the panic, the excitement or the chocolate spread I've just ate with a spoon...

I guess I'll just have to use the Machinima Livestream for my MW3 fix until it comes in the express delivery tomorrow. Unless, the Royal Mail get there arses into gear and by some miracle get it out before the end of the day. (Fat Chance) But, stranger things have happened. Help me Tom Cruise.

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That was a close call!! :: Comments

Post on November 8th 2011, 11:43 am by Guest

That was a very sad story.Lol. I feel for you.

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Post on November 8th 2011, 11:51 am by Earl Grey

Dear Tom cruise,
i dont know if your out there listening..
but PLEASE...
PLEASE help the postman bring me mw3 today faster than he already is..
for his own safety!

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